Thematic Panels

Wednesday Nov. 14, 2018

Marriott, L404, Lobby Level

12:30-1:50 pm

Advances in Sexual Offense Policy Research: Community Support for Sex Offender Policies

Chair: Jason Rydberg

Nobody gives a shit ...or do they? Variation in the effects of communicating criminological evidence on opposition to sex offender residence restrictions.

Authors: Jason Rydberg, Christopher Dum, Kelly Socia

Perpetually Panicked: Testing the Community Attitudes toward Sex Offenders (CATSO) Scale.

Authors: Jennifer Klein, Danielle Bailey, Danielle Tolson Cooper  

Law Enforcement Perspectives of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry: Is it a Waste of Resources?

Authors: Jessica L Robertson

Would God Forgive? Public Attitudes Toward Sex Offenders in Places of Worship

Authors: Christopher P. Dum & Kelly M. Socia

2:00-3:20 pm

Advances in Sexual Offense Policy Research: Juvenile Offending and Male Victimization

Chair: Scott Walfield

Male Victims of Sexual Violence and Case Outcomes Utilizing NIBRS

            Authors: Scott Walfield & Philip McCormack

The effect of victim gender on punishment outcomes for youth who have sexually offended

            Authors: Ryan T. Shield & Joshua C. Cochran

#FollowMe: An Investigation into the Relationship between Social Media Presence and Cyber Victimization

            Authors: Tabrina M. Bratton & Robert Lytle

Prostitution and the Impact of Relationships with Parents, Siblings and Peers

            Authors: Natalie M Snow & Tusty ten Bensel

3:30-4:50 pm

Advances in Sexual Offense Policy Research: Legal Issues

Chair: Dhara Amin

 The Current State of Litigation on Post-Conviction Sex Offense Laws: A National Review

Authors: Eric Janus

Students’ Awareness, Knowledge, and Perceptions of Mandatory Reporting of Sexual Victimization on College Campuses

Authors: Dhara Amin, MS, Christina Mancini, PhD, Patrick Lowery, PhD, Amy Cook, PhD, and Tusty ten Bensel, PhD

Campus Sexual Assault:  Faculty Obligations and Perceptions among College Students

Authors: Christina Mancini & Dhara Amin

Female Sex Offenders Culpability: Sentencing Disparities among Male and Female Sex Co-Offenders 

Authors: Brooke Cooley, Tusty ten Bensel, and Benjamin Gibbs

5:00-6:20 pm

Advances in Sexual Offense Policy Research: Longitudinal Analysis of Sexual Offending and Victimization

Chair: Julie Garman

Child Pornography Offenders: Changes in Identity over Time

Authors: Julie Garman & Lisa Sample

Experiences and Coping Strategies of Adult Children of Registered Citizens

Authors: Lisa Sample & Tusty ten Bensel    

The Role of Childhood Victimization on Adult Offending among Female Sex Offenders

Authors: Kilby Raptopoulos, Tusty ten Bensel

Sex Offending Patterns of Males Who Were Sexually Assaulted in Childhood: A Qualitative Study

Authors: Mollee Steely & Tusty ten Bensel

Author Meet Critics

Marriott, L404, Lobby Level

Thursday Nov. 15, 2018

12:30-1:50 pm

Living Under Sex Offense Laws: Consequences for Offenders and their Families

         Authors: Lisa Sample & Tusty ten Bensel

Critics: Danielle Bailey, Brooke Cooley, & Christina Mancini

Membership & Board Meetings

Marriott, International C.

Friday Nov. 16, 2018

3:30-4:50 pm

Sexual Offense Policy Research (SOPR) Board Meeting

Discussants:  Lisa Sample, Tusty ten Bensel, & Robert Lytle

5:00-6:20 pm

Sexual Offense Policy Research (SOPR) Membership Meeting

Discussants:  Lisa Sample, Tusty ten Bensel, & Robert Lytle